This Health Science You Will not Get Anywhere

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This Health Knowledge You Will Not Find Anywhere - This opportunity I will explain the knowledge that you may not have met anywhere, namely knowledge that can make you healthy and apart from a few panyakit, this knowledge I found from the Jamaah Maiyah who was raised by Cak Nun (Emha Ainun Nadjib) he explained that being healthy is simple and easy.

In recent decades some health scientists have begun to doubt their own discovery of "four healthy five prime", even some of them actually refute the discovery, even though the findings are many and are often taught in the early childhood group. Four healthy five prime is a lot of carefully examined and examined for its truth, but the results show it is actually not what makes us healthy. Is it true that the knowledge we profess to be the criteria for us to be healthy is true ?, Then if it's wrong what do we need to do? I will elaborate on the following discussion of Cak Nun.

Cak Nun revealed that if health knowledge is not four healthy five prime, he said that a person who does not consume four healthy five prime origin with one thing he will not die healthy continues, he reveals what the secret is, then he says: "if you want to be healthy , the secret is only one that is "HONEST". How come you can cak ?, Cak Nun then replied: "Yes, you can ..." then he explained this kind of:

Honest is actually the key to health that has not been found by some people, people consider this trivial, honest is a series of nerve implant trips from the brain to the motor. For example if you have two candies and then you tell people if I will have one candy that will mess up the nerve implants of our brain, so if we have two candies, the brain will remember that in our memory, and the brain will remove the implant all the time, i.e. a number of two candies, after we were asked how much candy do you have ?, if you say I have one candy it will make an implus that contains two candies that will collide with the motor body through our mouths that say a candy, that's actually why we are prohibited from doing unbelievable acts.

In more detail like this, your brain puts an implant of two candies, the implus will be in the direction of the motor ie the mouth when you are asked a question, if you remove a motor that is not in accordance with the implant it will be frantic and the implus can disrupt the nerves around it could be attacked the nerves of the kidneys, which can lead to kidney failure.

That just now I gave a lot of things about health, so don't be afraid to be honest, honest is noble, now is not the time to be honest, but honestly effective. Actually, health or illness comes from Allah, so we humans must pray to Him to be given health in our days, whether physical or spiritual, the article above is knowledge that I can from Majlis Maiyah who is raised by Cak Nun (Emha Ainun Nadjib) If you want to improve your discourse, spiritual or non-spiritual, join the Maiyahan congregation in your city, hopefully a little of the discourse above can be useful for us.